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The Sugarhouse

We wanted a sugarhouse that both celebrated our relationship with the trees in the forest and created a beautiful workspace… a building that's pleasant to work in and appreciated by any and all who drop in for a visit.



Located a snowball's throw from the bottom of Cochran Ski Area, we truly are "Slopeside." Though the two businesses are separate on paper, there's no neighborly stonewall to separate them. Hopefully a visit to our sugarhouse enhances the experience of a day outdoors at Cochran Ski Area, and what better way to reenergize between rope tow laps than hot maple syrup!



Timber Frame

The beams for the timber frame were sawn on our old cobbled together sawmill from hemlock trees we cut right off the hill. Most of the first summer's work went in to building the sugarhouse. We felled straight hemlock trees and dragged them out of the woods with a tractor to the sawmill. The sawmill is a machine that seems to equally trade hours operating properly for hours needing to be fixed. Not surprising, actually, given the homemade nature of the rig. The log rides into the cut on a carriage from an old Lane sawmill (made in Vermont 1890's) that our grandfather had never quite made use of. The saw blade came from a neighbor who also had never quite made use of it. The rest is angle iron and bolts. A tractor PTO supplies the power. Safety is an afterthought. Nevertheless, our pile of beams grew steadily until that last 20 foot 8" x 10" was finally sawn.



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