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For such a deliciously complex flavor, maple syrup is surprisingly simple to make. We capture seeping spring-time sap from a maple tree and boil it down to a golden syrup. Pour over your pancakes and enjoy! Nothing is added in the entire process and only water is removed, leaving one of nature's remarkably succinct culinary gifts.

In early March as spring is sprung and days become warmer, maple trees awaken from a deep winter's sleep. Prior to beginning their summer growth these trees flush themselves with an envigorating mixture of ground water and stored sugar. Cold nights and warm days are ideal for this process. Sugary sap will literally weep from the trees during such a springtime "run." However, this magic of fluid dynamics and organic chemistry only lasts for about six weeks when nights are below freezing and days are warm. As sugar makers we must be quick yet diligent to capture and boil nearly 300,000 gallons of sap we process in a typical season.

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